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Tuesday at DragSmith Farms 05/25/2021

When you walk into Green House 3 you are greeted by the massive display of Tulips, Hyacinths, Daffodils and other bulbs shown to the picture below. We still have a lot of them left, so come and pick out your favorites and take them home to spruce up your yard and patio. Last week we had several days of rain with a total amount of 2 ½” at our place and boy did we need it. Prior to that we had over a month of dry weather with a good three weeks of frost in the mornings. The frost prevented planting anything but potatoes, unfortunately. The tractor in the bottom left had prepared most of the fields for planting and all of that work will need to be done again.

The rain created a massive outbreak of dandelions in the fields that had not been prepped for planting. The picture on the right show how one of the fields is a massive display of dandelion “Taraxacum” (seed heads). To bad we don’t make dandelion wine because we could have had gallons and gallons of it. Anyway, I spent about 16 hours on our “Bad Boy” zero turn mower cutting the grass and dandelions which had grown l0” to 12” in a week. Hopefully, that will help keep some of the seeds out of our worked up fields, so we don’t have so much weed pressure. Besides, it make the place look a little bit better. Thanks to everyone, have a great week and if you haven't signed up for our Farm Share program, what are you waiting for, it starts in less than a month. You do not want to miss out on all of the great stuff we have planned for this season. So get signed up.

Maurice and Gail Smith

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