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Meet the Produce Squad

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Gail Smith

The Farmer

This land has been in Gail's family for over 130 years. She is the The Farmer, The Grower and the go to person for all things plants at DragSmith Farms

Maurice Smith

Bookkeeper, Delivery Boy, Trouble Maker

Maurice and Gail have owned the farm for more than 32 years. When Maurice and Gail retired in 2007 they decided to relax and work the farm growing organic food to feed their friends and neighbor's. Well that idea quickly blew up as they expanded into the Twin Cities and provided quality farm products to over 100 restaurants.

Michelle Jeske

Greenhouse Grower

Michelle Jeske
Greenhouse Grower. Michelle is in charge of planting and harvesting in the 10,000 square feet of greenhouses.  All of the plants and microgreens are Michelle's babies and she takes really good care of them.

Meet the Produce Squad

Cleaning up the rocks.jpg

Kaylen Witkowski

Growers  Assistant

Kaylen is planter, harvester and packer and a damn good worker.

Ryan Wiehe

Growers Trainee

Ryan has been with DragSmith Farms since 2018 and empty's the growing trays and spreads the spent potting soil on the fields for reuse.  He hauls lots of 5 gallon buckets of potting soil to be placed in the microgreen trays and pots.

Myda Honaker


Myda is a planter, harvester, weed puller and handy lady to have around.  She comes late, stays late and is always ready to do more than her share of anything that needs to be done.

Jade picking beans.jpg

Jade Haskins Smith

Growers Assistant

Jade is hard working member of the DragSmith family and was raised on the farm from the age of 10. She has left and come back to the farm several times. But she always seems happiest when working the farm.

Nick Jeske

Roustabout Extraordinaire

Nick has worked for DragSmith for 10 years, full time and part time.  He is a master mechanic and repairs the greenhouses and does just about everything else including planting, harvesting and keeping deer out.

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