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DragSmith Farms planting Russet Potatoes 5/19/21

Gail and Myda planting potatoes using our highly efficient and fully paid for early 1900’s potato planter. Yes, I said early 1900’s. not sure exactly when this one was made. But, while redoing our kitchen, I found a John Deere Catalog in the wall that was dated 1903 it had a picture of this Potato Planter in it. We have used it almost every year for the last 30 years and it works beautifully, after giving it some grease and tender loving care. Thetop left picture shows the inner workings, the wheels turn the axle that has spiked thing-a-ma-jigs that stab the potatoes held in the box on top. As it turns, the thing-a-ma-jig hits a bar that pushes the potato off. The potato drops into the trench dug by a shoe at the front under the seat. The potato is then covered up by two discs on an axle that Myda is standing on to provide extra weight. It was originally pulled by horses and converted to tractor.

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